Marsheaux – Like A Movie

Official video clip of 'Like A Movie' by 'Marsheaux' taken from the 'Ath.Lon' album. Directed by Nick Bitzenis/George Geranios.


Where we go?
Is there someone to let us know
To let know what we're wait­ing for
So long, so long

We go on
Without a light to see in front
It's like a game but no fun, no more
We go on, on and on

But there is always the sun
That turns all around
And karma be done
Then all start to run

Now I'm sure
That someone's mak­ing some fun with us
It's like the child that tor­tures ants
We're the ants, we're the ants

We go on
Despite the fall­ing snow
It's like a day that nev­er ends
We go on, on and on

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