marsheaux_-_ath.lon‘Marsheaux’ walk upon safely, familiar paths

The band mates Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou don’t risk any experiments on their latest long-player ‘Ath.Lon’. I’m not surprised, but either not dissapointed. You get what you expect – good, solid Synth Pop craftmanship in the well-known Marsheaux style.

Ath.Lon’s first single ‘Safe Tonight‘ reflects exactly the content of the record. A mid-tempo Synth Pop track with harmonical tunes and soft voices that sounds angelically. Furthermore the song transports a very uplifting mood and spread positive vibes.


The whole album is settled on a very high level of classic Synth Pop sounds. For me personally there is no outstanding highlight on the record, but I gave 9 out of 11 tracks a 4 star rating. I guees that speaks for itself. In a case like this it’s hard to recommend a few songs to listen. If you know Marsheaux and you like their previous albums then you can buy ‘Ath.Lon’ without any risk.

Track By Track Rating

Marsheaux - Ath.Lon
Like a Movie
Wild Heart
Now You Are Mine
Strong Enough
Safe Tonight
Let's Take a Car
The Beginning of the End
Safe Tonight
Strong Enough
(Nothing to report here)
Solid craftsmanship

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5 Responses

  1. oren

    are you serious? have we listened to the same album? maybe you have many albums to give reviews so you don’t have the time to reapet the album again and again to enjoy the rythem and the mind thingking of the whole set of melodies. for me as the other guy worth, ‘The Beginning Of The End’ is the highest peek of the album and lead me to the begining of the album to burning which rattle me up with all the drums and taking me for a ride with thier car feeling safe tonight. i think you should give it another spin and let your feet swing right to left my friend…

  2. Matt

    “The Beginning of the End” is excellent, but “Wild Heart” is my current favorite. Lazy, lazy album review though. C-

    • mm
      Thomas Frenken

      Hi Matt,

      thank you for your comment. Regarding the “lazy review”, I just want to say, that I’m personally bored when I’m reading to long ‘blablabla’ reviews. I just focus on some key points, and recommend some songs. The most visitors will listen to the album when the key notes sounds promising. ;-)

  3. RobertR

    ‘The Beginning Of The End’ is the sublime stand-out track from the album. Truly a masterpiece.


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