Marva Von Theo – Love

Official music video ‘Love’ performed by ‘Marva Von Theo’ taken from the album ‘Afterglow’.


When your love is warm
and your eyes are bright,
then I spread my wings and my shadows fly
Over endless seas,
in eerie hues of blue,
I stand still in time to cherish the view

Where your river meets
my most secret land,
there, grows a garden in me that bears the deepest truth
When the morning breaks,
I hear the forest sing
“Teach your arms how to embrace”

When you love me, your wind
blows from faraway, lures my dream

Now your love is cold
and your eyes are dark
and my wings are tied with the ropes of pride
Like a gloomy cave,
my mind’s bare and grey
Time is washing away every picture of you

Now your river’s dry
in some forgotten place
A dust of memories covers the biggest lies
Now the night falls
I hear the desert mourn
“Bury it deep and seal your fire”

You don´t love me anymore
and a wicked silence mutes my soul