Neon Black Dreams – Reach For The Light

Official music video for the elec­tro pop / syn­thwave song  'Reach For The Light' per­formed by 'Neon Black Dreams'.

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Lights melt into streams of neon
Painting dreams across the night sky
Ecstasy over­whelms me
Don’t remem­ber why

Speeding through the dark and stormy night
Trapped by the warm and blind­ing snow
A light at the tun­nels end
I don’t even know

Reach for the light

Don’t for­get who you are
A bright and shin­ing star

Wonderland a place of nightmares
Reflection I say goodbye
Escape to a darkened home
Can’t remem­ber why

Nothing can sat­is­fy my beat­ing heart
Always fly­ing high but feel so low
Who will miss my melody
I don’t wanna know

Don’t lose hope
Never give up
That is who you are
who you wanna be

Raise your head
Fight on through
Don’t lose to doubt
Find a way out

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