Neon Black Dreams – Reach For The Light

Official music video for the electro pop / synthwave song  ‘Reach For The Light’ performed by ‘Neon Black Dreams’.

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Lights melt into streams of neon
Painting dreams across the night sky
Ecstasy overwhelms me
Don’t remember why

Speeding through the dark and stormy night
Trapped by the warm and blinding snow
A light at the tunnels end
I don’t even know

Reach for the light

Don’t forget who you are
A bright and shining star

Wonderland a place of nightmares
Reflection I say goodbye
Escape to a darkened home
Can’t remember why

Nothing can satisfy my beating heart
Always flying high but feel so low
Who will miss my melody
I don’t wanna know

Don’t lose hope
Never give up
That is who you are
who you wanna be

Raise your head
Fight on through
Don’t lose to doubt
Find a way out