Neon Space Men – Seeds Of Love

Neon Space Men - Seeds Of Love (Cover artwork)Official music video 'Seeds Of Love' per­formed by 'Neon Space Men'. Neon Space Men's latest track, "Seeds Of Love", exudes a refresh­ing light­ness remin­is­cent of a sunny spring day. With an infec­tious up-tempo and an abund­ance of effer­ves­cent emo­tion, this song is a ver­it­able anthem for those freshly in love.

"Seeds Of Love" per­fectly cap­tures the naive and happy feel­ings of first love. The euphor­ic mood of the track is remin­is­cent of clas­sics like Erasure's "Always", "I Love Saturday" or "Love You To The Sky". Neon Space Men have man­aged to integ­rate this sim­il­ar pas­sion into their own sound, mak­ing the song an unfor­get­table experience.

The melody is catchy and is car­ried by pulsat­ing syn­thes­izers that cre­ate an ener­get­ic rhythm. The vocals soar above the music, and the lyr­ics are as soul­ful as they are romantic. "Seeds Of Love" is the per­fect soundtrack for any­one in a state of infatu­ation or simply crav­ing a dose of pos­it­ive energy.

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