Nexus-6 – Dirty Dancefloors

Nexus 6   Dirty Dancefloors

Official music video ‘Dirty Dancefloors’ by ‘Nexus-6’. The track is taken from ‘Tales of City Nightlife’ (2016). Directed by Nicolas Dezillio.


Strange Behaviours
in unknown neighborhoods
nobody has a clock
outside the daylight
in office hours
is burning sleepy people
in Another world

Dirty Dancefloors
behind the black doors
no one sleeps no more
but no one’s dancing
in shadows lifestyles
the scenes are missing
in the flash of smoke

After Hours
in cities darkness
the rabbits in the hole
scream and laughing
with perfect castings
the beat keep kicking
and nones goes

Delirium Tremens
with freaky monsters
nothing shocks anymore
the same old story
of every weekend
collapsing people
music, drugs and love