Noisy Deafness – Dirty Night

Official music video 'Dirty Night' by 'Noisy Deafness' taken from the album 'Dark Visions'.


Dirty dark night
Murder and rape
One more life
Pain and disgrace
Innocent victim
Is walk­ing on the street
And pray­ing for God,
„One more day please!”

Safe and nice home
The silence breaks
Brutal murder
An old lady screams
Raped mother
Is lying in the park
Crying child
Is hid­ing into her arms

Bars on windows
Limit in minds
Locks on doors
And hope in hearts
Illusion of safety
Inside the door
Fear and anguish
Behind the walls

Where is the support
And the protection?
And violation
Where is the support
And the protection?
There is no solidarity
(There is) No reaction

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