Olen'K – Architextures

Official music video 'Architextures' per­formed by 'Olen'K' taken from the same titled album 'Architextures'. Director – Manu C.


"Living in the loss of what I’ve been
What I could be
Living in the loss of what I’ve been

In my world mis­take is forbidden
Decreased deformed
In my world mis­take is inhuman

Every moment face its weakness
My body is a pris­on every moment

I see them do not see me
Cause I’m a mirror
I see them avoid­ing me

The image they fear to face
The image they fear

Coming back from a long night of pain
Coming back

I hear their laugh but can­not remember
The sound of mine
I hear them laugh­ing again

Doing so much efforts
For ordin­ary things
Doing so much efforts

I know I can be part of this
For I know I am a part of this

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