Olen’K – Architextures

Olen'K - Architextures

Official music video ‘Architextures’ performed by ‘Olen’K’ taken from the same titled album ‘Architextures’. Director – Manu C.


“Living in the loss of what I’ve been
What I could be
Living in the loss of what I’ve been

In my world mistake is forbidden
Decreased deformed
In my world mistake is inhuman

Every moment face its weakness
My body is a prison every moment

I see them do not see me
Cause I’m a mirror
I see them avoiding me

The image they fear to face
The image they fear

Coming back from a long night of pain
Coming back

I hear their laugh but cannot remember
The sound of mine
I hear them laughing again

Doing so much efforts
For ordinary things
Doing so much efforts

I know I can be part of this
For I know I am a part of this