Peter Turns Pirate- Population Kop

Official music video ‘Population Kop’ performed by ‘Peter Turns Pirate‘ taken from the EP ‘View As Strange’.


The Dance of a jester is choreographed
I focus on everyone in the back
lifted the veil you bet
I am another creature you’ve seen nothing yet

I trip the ballroom alarm as I arrive!

I’ve been arrested by the Population KOP
you’ve gotta feel the pain stop!

I’m wreaking of a mimes occupation
it’s time to play battleship in the mind
you view as strange all night
I chose soothie, monkey, blanket and light

I trip the ballroom alarm as I fucking arrive!

Oh little child spit your assumption
don’t be shy now
Focus on fame and forget the plot
the circus is leaving town on the dot
Raise your glass spineless dinner party
Drink sir?
Why yes and don’t spill a drop
Cause down in my heart I’m not afraid of you
Come and take me!!

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