Plastic Autumn – Battlefield

Official music video 'Battlefield' per­formed by 'Plastic Autumn' taken from the album 'Dystopia'.

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Lyrics of 'Plastic Autumn – Battlefield'

Since you left – (why do you)
There is noth­ing more
Than a hole – (what a hole)
Inside of me – (aha)
You pushed a knife deep in my heart – (aha)
And my whole world is fall apart
Then I cried – (why do you)
For all the time
About the loss – (what a loss)
The loss of time – (aha)
Memories of a golden age – (aha)
I thought this last forever (echo)

Now you’re gone – (you’re gone)
It was easy for you
And you thought – (do you thought)
It’s bet­ter for you – (aha)
The bat­tle­fields you left behind – (aha)
Are more than you expectified
Now I sit – (why do you)
And I shed more tears
Close to my – (to what)
To my biggest fears – (aha)
I didn’t under­stand it all – (aha)
It tears my
My whole life apart

See my world from anoth­er side – (aha)
See those years that we’re passing by – (aha)
Why won’t you ever learn ?
(To keep your big mouth
Keep your big mouth shut)
See my tears from anoth­er side – (aha)
Feel my wounds that you left inside – (aha)
Why won’t you ever learn ?
(A Battlefield is what you left behind)

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