Profit Prison – Seven Words

Official music video "Seven Words" per­formed by "Profit Prison" taken from the album "Gilt". Directed, filmed and edited by Jesy Fortino.

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Lyrics of "Profit Prison – Seven Words"

I’d thought I’d made my peace with it
Though there are times I must admit
I drown in the memory
Of all the things I heard them say
Seven words I took away
I can­not hear myself to this day

Oh what a loss! And at such a cost

And though I made a deal with them
I still can­not comprehend
The depths to which their cruelty
Has made its mark externally
And who have I borne wit­ness for?
To what extent can I ignore
The pangs that gnaw at my conscience?
As I write the past in present tense

A hol­low hum in the halls
Belies the blood in the walls.

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