Romantic Thriller – All I Want Is Sleep

Romantic Thriller - All I Want Is Sleep (Cover artwork)Official music video 'All I Want Is Sleep' per­formed by 'Romantic Thriller'. Directed by Le’lani Lan’caster.

"Romantic Thriller" takes us into a dark and seduct­ive world of sound with "All I Want Is Sleep". This dark pop song from the USA pen­et­rates our ears from the first bars and awakens the urge to lose one­self on the dance floor.

The multi-layered syn­thes­iser sounds give the track a cap­tiv­at­ing com­plex­ity that nev­er over­whelms. They cre­ate a mys­ter­i­ous atmo­sphere that fits per­fectly with the dark mood of the song. The clear vocals nestle seam­lessly into the dark pop sound and are mas­ter­fully mixed, guar­an­tee­ing an impress­ive sound quality.

"All I Want Is Sleep" is undoubtedly radio-friendly and shows how dark pop and elec­tro pop can fuse togeth­er in a fas­cin­at­ing way. If one had one wish for this song, it might be that it could have a touch more dark­ness in it to deep­en the gloomy atmo­sphere even more. Nevertheless, this track is a suc­cess­ful fusion of elec­tron­ic sounds and seduct­ive pop that cap­tiv­ates us.

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Romantic Thriller about 'All I Want Is Sleep'

All I Want Is Sleep is the new­est track by RT. It’s an anthem to the intro­ver­ted and depressed, to those who feel more com­fort­able alone and often retreat to that place for secur­ity against their bet­ter judg­ment. I’ve always wanted to write a song with yearn­ing, mel­an­choly words con­tras­ted by an upbeat dance energy so I guess I did it on this one.

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