Scar21 – Promises

Official music video 'Promises' per­formed by 'Scar21' taken from the same-titled album 'Promises'.


Another day, anoth­er lie
who are you to do this to me?
you take away, but nev­er give
why can’t you just say goodbye?

I cry, I beg
I plead for you to just walk on by
but I nev­er saw all the power in you.

“With time you’ll understand
the subtle difference
between tak­ing someone’s hand
and chain­ing a help­less soul
and chain­ing a power­less soul.”

“I begin to understand
that kisses are not contracts
your gifts are not promises
that you pledge one more day.”

Another day, anoth­er lie
inside my heart you’ve lead to decay
I carry the scars
on my skin
every pore, of my body.

You learn to build
your roads on… everyday
meat rots in the ground
and I’m decided to live.

“With time you’ll understand…"

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