Sheenah Ko – Give It All

Official music video for the dark pop song 'Give It All' per­formed by Canadian artist 'Sheenah Ko' taken from the album 'Future Is Now'. The music video is dir­ec­ted and pro­duced by Ken Atwind. The video is at the end of the chro­no­lo­gic­al music video tri­logy. 'Give It All' stands for the future, 'Wake Up' for the present and 'Waterfall' for the past.

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Lyrics of 'Sheenah Ko – Give It All'

Sitting here confused
I won­der where you are
Did I scare you off
You’re so far away
Did I see things wrong
But my heart brought me here
How could it be so wrong
Lead straight towards you

Did I give too much
You said you’d want it all
At least you took it all
I thought that someday
We could have made it
I thought we had it all
Look where we are now
Look where we are now

Can I break the spell
Life has put me in
Will it ever end
h'm gop­ing someday
When we aim so high
We nev­er look back down
Up into the sky
No one comes here
Looking down at you
Have I gone too far
Wondering are you
Hoping someday
I will come back down
And meet you on the ground
I will come back down
Come back down
And I will, I will come back down
Come back down
(Will you come back?)
Come back down

I nev­er thought this would end
I saw it to the end
I saw you as my friend
I thought I had you
And here I am every day
Wondering what went wrong
Wondering why I try
Maybe someday
I’ve waited for so long
While you're just giv­ing up
Did you get away
Or did I let you
Pushing it more and more and more
I can not for­get you
Pushing you fur­ther, further
Pushing you fur­ther away
(How could I be so wrong?)

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