Sheenah Ko – Wake Up

Sheenah Ko - Wake Up (Cover artwork)Official music video 'Wake Up' per­formed by Canadian artist 'Sheenah Ko'. The song is taken from the album 'Future Is Now'. Video pro­duced and filmed by Ken Atwind.

Our times demand songs with pos­it­ive vives and mes­sages. Especially the young gen­er­a­tion has had it extremely hard in the pan­dem­ic of the last two years. This song is meant to motiv­ate and encour­age them to enjoy life again. A com­mend­able approach in my opin­ion. Get in the good mood now with this catchy elec­tro pop song.

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Are we ever gonna wake up
Cause it’s time we gotta change this
Are we ever gonna take this
So it’s time we gotta change this

Will we ever find an exit
When there is no way
No way outta here
We dug ourselves right in
Can’t see, can’t hide
But we know they can’t see right

When it crumbles, there’s no warning
So it’s time for a revolution
Can we walk away when there is noth­ing left to stand on

If you want it, you gotta change your mind
If you want it, you really have no time
Do you see, do you dream
See through wide eyes

Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah

Now we’re wak­ing up, gotta make it up
No more tak­ing it, tak­ing this from us
They do not think ahead

There’s no dir­ec­tion here
We gotta lead now
Gotta take control
We gotta multiply
For one, for all, for it all

Do they know, do they open up
Do they know, can they open up their eyes
Do we see, do we know what they’re after

There’s no exit here, gotta move alone
No dir­ec­tion here, we’ve gotta take control
I do not know how they don’t see this

Now they know that they can’t hide
Now they know that we’ll get by
Do they see they’ve left us with no choices

Do they see us now or are they blinded
Are they silent now, or do they shut their minds
Can you see, can you hope
Can you hold on here

Can you open up
Open up your eyes
Can you open up
Better recognize
Do they see, do they know
Who we are now

Do right and do
Do right and do
Do right and do
Do right and do

Do right, in no way, do you feel
Do you open up your eyes awake
Do you see, do you dream
Do you open up now
When you open do you see right
Will you open and let it inside
And you will, and you will
And you will see when you’re out here

Do right and do
Do right and do
Do right and do
Do right and do
Do right and do
Do right and do
Do right and do
Do right and do
Do right

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