Solar Fake – It's Who You Are

Official music video "It's Who You Are" per­formed  by 'Solar Fake' taken from the album 'Enjoy Dystopia'. Directed and edited by Jennifer Konrad.


I won't let you into my head
I won't let you fuel my anger
So many tears left unshed
What if I raised the anchor?
And all those words in a line
Prepare to spread the poison
Without a chance to confine
What's made us strong, des­troys us

You nev­er let me forget
There's nev­er been a reason
For any can­did regrets
There's no time for smiles and pleasing
I got used to false­hood and lies
It's not worth the fight or wrangle
Perspective some­times implies
A view from a dif­fer­ent angle

Fears uncon­trolled… so do what you're told
And keep your­self down and watch me as I drown
It's all in your sight, but you're blinded by the night
So I'll switch off the light

'Cause this is who you are
And this is how you fall
And this is what you get
I wish we'd nev­er met
'Cause it's just who you are
You looked stronger from afar
And this is how you crawl
'Cause that's just who you are

I won't let you fuck with my brain
I don't care if you will hate me
'Cause I'll break your rules anyway
'Cause I stopped pur­su­ing you lately
I just want you out of my mind
But I nev­er will for­get you
You wanted me to resign
You know, I nearly let you win

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