Solar Fake – Under Control

Official music video 'Under Control' by 'Solar Fake' writ­ten and per­formed by Sven Friedrich, taken from the album 'Another Manic Episode'. Credits: a zerArt pro­duc­tion.  tar­ring : Henrie, André, Sven. idea, script, cam­era, edit­ing, dir­ect­ing: JK, cam­era, dop, co-dir­ect­ing, postpro & pro­duc­tion: Sven Friedrich.


There's a crack in the ice and it's com­ing after me
Should I wait and not blink, or should I run and get away
But every will would need a force
And once again there will be anoth­er way out, just like every time
So I go drown­ing and see what's com­ing next

I could go and have a drink with you, but I'm too bored
Oh, it could be nice but that's not what I'm look­ing for, what you're look­ing for
So why not leave it all behind?
Well, it seems so drain­ing just to think about it anyway
So I keep going and leave it all untouched

I'm under control
I am well sed­ated and per­man­ently sick
I'm under control
I don't care too much if I win or if I get tricked
I ran out of pas­sion, but carry the weight
'til the end when I bury myself
Still under con­trol, I'm tak­ing it all from you

I go waste your time like any oth­er day
Seems I look for­saken, and I'll be either way
And when I'm laugh­ing it's my fault
And when I say that all these pic­tures on the wall are grey­ish anyway
I didn't mean it, they're only black and white

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