Solitary Experiments – Brace Yourself!

Official music video ‘Brace Yourself!’ performed by ‘Solitary Experiments‘ taken from the album ‘Future Tense’.


We’re running out of time
And you think about the future
The present and the past

Still waiting for a sign
What is a world without wonders?
Just a place with nothing lasts

All the battles we have lost
All the promisses we’ve trusted
All the lies that we believed
All the pain we have endured
All diseases can’t be cured
All our memories fade away

We’re longing for a light
Is there someone to hold on to?
Who protects us from the worst?

Still fighting for our rights
What is a life without meaning
And how to know of someone cares?

“All the battles we have lost”
“All the promisses we’ve trusted”
“All the lies that we believed”

“All the pain we have endured”
“All diseases can’t be cured”
“All our memories fade away”

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