The Mystic Underground – Bushwick Boys, East Village Girls

Official music video 'Bushwick Boys, East Village Girls' per­formed by 'The Mystic Underground' taken from the album 'Wrapped In Riddles'.


I get by with the help of my wit
it's worked thus far by the looks of it
to hide in plain sight, I fear I've lost my touch
to be quite hon­est, you're not miss­ing much

bush­wick boys, east vil­lage girls
cross the bridge, they wouldn't dream of it
rebels and run­way queens
dan­cing on shattered dreams

time to kill and an aim to please
I drown my sor­rows with rel­at­ive ease
smil­ing, beguiling
they don't care that I'm lying
a dif­fer­ent scene, it's the same routine

bush­wick boys, east vil­lage girls
abhor the city yet hate the town
show­time and halfway crooks
togeth­er, alone out here

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