TourdeForce – The Calling (Death In June Cover)

Official music video 'The Calling (Death In June Cover)' per­formed by 'TourdeForce' taken from the EP 'Six In The Key Of Death'.

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Clear your tears
And dry your eyes
We live in fear
And drunk­en lies
Douse the flames
Of dev­il dawning
The cold blade falls

On misty morning
And for their sins
We live and die
The angel cowers
In blackened skies
So take my hand and walk again
We'll take a walk through yel­low rain

She's call­ing, just calling…

So now's the time
We hear the calling
While lov­ers feast
By mirrored pools
A mil­lion cries
From shattered faces
We dance in tune
To the pipes of gold

She's call­ing, just calling…

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