X‑O-Planet – Exoplanet

Official music video 'Exoplanet' by 'X‑O-Planet'. At the begin­ning of the year 2016 Manja and Goderic decided to slip their dif­fer­ent music­al influ­ences in a new elec­tron­ic pro­ject. Inspired by Science Fiction in lit­er­at­ure and films but also recent sci­entif­ic dis­cov­er­ies and the­or­ies about the uni­verse, the Time, the Matter and pos­sibly extra­ter­restri­al life, X‑O-Planet picks its listen­ers up for a voy­age through the infin­ite dark cos­mos. The music of X‑O-Planet is set in the area of Dark Electro. It is assembled of harder bass rhythms paired with spher­ic­al syn­thes­izer sounds, which stem from the pen of Goderic, and Manjas warm and crys­tal clear voice. The lyr­ics con­cern themes as Science Fiction, the explor­a­tion of out­er space and inter­per­son­al inter­ludes, which are car­ried by the signs of time.

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