The Mystic Underground – Here In My House

'Here In My House' is the offi­cial music video by 'The Mystic Underground' taken from the ste­reo­son­ic album 'Protagonist'. Directed by William Murray.


All is calm and all is bright
here in my house
serenity, it rules the day
here in my house

then the lights go out
my hands are oh so cold
won't you talk to me?
Did you have to leave?

Random thoughts run rampant
the ceiling's staid and grey
sundays fade and mondays blur
here in this house

pages stuck togeth­er when the lights go out
should I chase you?
Stumble out of bed
breath­ing gets heavy as I call your name
can't replace you
this will have to do

as much I adore your face, it'd be nice to put you in your place…

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