The Ultimate Dreamers – Polarized

The Ultimate Dreamers - Polarized (Cover artwork)Official music video 'Polarized' per­formed by the Belgian band 'The Ultimate Dreamers'. Video by Thomas De Moor.

With a deep bass line and grim, gritty punch­ing sounds, 'Polarized' ham­mers its way into the aud­it­ory canal. The vocals are per­fectly matched to the sound com­pos­i­tion, as they sound just as dark, almost men­acing as the instru­ments them­selves. 'Polarized' is a dark wave song that tests the lim­its. It's like try­ing to con­struct a dark wave cov­er ver­sion of an EBM song. Nevertheless, I think the band has suc­ceeded very well. Just listen to this quite inter­est­ing genre mix.

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The Ultimate Dreamers about 'Polarized'

Both dark and bright, “Polarized” com­bines cold wave chills with irres­ist­ibly dance­able beats. The single also fea­tures “I Loved You?!”, a new ver­sion of the under­ground hit “I Love You?!”.

The tracks were pro­duced by Len Lemeire (Implant, 32Crash, Anne Clark) and the video for "Polarized" was dir­ec­ted by Thomas De Moor. The video illus­trates the cyn­icism clas­sic­ally developed by the quar­tet. The digit­al ver­sion of the single includes a remix of the track “I Loved You?!” by Len Lemeire.

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