Violet Silhouette – Hierda Demoniaca

Violet Silhouette - Hierda DemoniacaOfficial music video "Hierda Demoniaca" per­formed by "Violet Silhouette" taken from the EP "Feverblue". Directed by Chris Valdes.

Violet Silhouette, a dark wave band from the USA, presents with their song "Hierda Demoniaca" a piece full of emo­tions and soul­ful vocals. Already at the first hear­ing, you are taken by the mel­an­chol­ic and min­im­al mood of the song. The music­al pro­duc­tion is delib­er­ately dreamy and does not cre­ate too much excite­ment. The spe­cial thing about this track is that it doesn't seem like a single car­pet of sound, but has a pleas­ant crisp­ness at the cru­cial points.

The com­bin­a­tion of Violet Silhouette's sens­it­ive vocals and the atmo­spher­ic instru­ment­a­tion cre­ates an imme­di­ate effect on the listen­er. The artist's voice car­ries a strong emo­tion­al charge that creeps dir­ectly into the audience's heart. In doing so, Violet Silhouette suc­ceeds in cap­tiv­at­ing the listen­er and tak­ing them on an intro­spect­ive journey.

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Violet Silhouette about 'Hierda Demoniaca'

Violet Silhouette release their latest emotive dance-punk single “Hierda Demoniaca.” The track, taken from their upcom­ing EP “FEVERBLUE,” fea­tures trace-indu­cing melod­ies, chilling vocals, and a romantic out­look on the dark side of depres­sion and failed rela­tion­ships. It’s a mas­ter class defin­ing mod­ern post-wave storytelling as they com­bine influ­ences from Drab Majesty, Cold Cave, Boy Harsher, and Depeche Mode to cre­ate a melod­ic amal­gam­a­tion of new and classic.

“Reflecting the per­son­al changes of the song­writers as they pull them­selves through the puri­fy­ing fires of depres­sion, failed rela­tion­ships, and injured optim­ism. Yet we refuse to stay down, as this track speaks to those who would dis­miss all cau­tion with a well­spring of hope and go through it all again for real love. A song that can speak equally of an earthly romance as well as an exper­i­ence of spir­itu­al com­mu­nion.” – VIOLET SILHOUETTE

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