Age Zero – Age Zero II


Immersive experience

The second ‘Age Zero’ work is no longer quite as strong as the solo debut. Still, it’s a good album! Again the album offers downtempo Synth Pop with a dark undertone. If you listen to this album attentive without being distracted by other things, then you realize the whole intensity of each song.

Profound and moody

Even it’s fits somehow to the Synth Pop genre, I’m far away to say it’s ‘Pop’ or danceable. The songs have some really unique, gloomy sounding samples and noises. The songs are very varied within these limits. For me particularly outstanding are the songs ‘Perfect Memory‘ and ‘I’m Not Afraid‘. If you like listening to music while enjoying a glass of wine and doing nothing else, I’m sure you will love this album.

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Track By Track Rating

age zero age zero ii
Age Zero - Age Zero II
I'm Not Afraid
Another Version Of Us
Spirit Of Norway
Time Collapse
Nothing's Lost
Perfect Memory
I'm Not Afraid
Perfect Memory
(Nothing to report here)