And One – Magnet (Trilogie I)

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Back for good

I love 'And One' since the early 90s. With the album 'Virgin Superstar', which was more than major label infec­ted, they has screwed it quite a long time with me. With 'Military Fashion Show' and the EP 'Zerstörer' they have some well done on the ground again.

The first time I heard that 'And One' is going to release an album with such a huge con­tent, I'm expect­ing the worst of it. My second thought was some­thing like: "Well, when they release an album with 30 (!) songs, then there will be at least enough good songs for a reg­u­lar album size.

God damn, I'm so happy that I was totally wrong with my con­cerns. With the album 'Magnet (Trilogie I)', 'And One' has found it's old strengths and that's a good thing!


This is the most clas­sic part of the tri­logy. It sounds some­where between 'Spot' and 'I.S.T.', but per­fec­ted. This is the album where I've been wait­ing for all these years.

The greatest tracks on 'Magnet' are: 'Zeit Ohne Zeit' and 'Love Is Always On Your Side'. Furthermore I recom­mend to listen to the songs 'Fake Of Pleasure' and 'Unter Meiner Uniform'.


"Dancefloor I'm com­ing!":, shouts the 'Propeller' part. Classic EBM beats mixed with Synth Pop tunes. The open­er 'Black Celebration' is a bomb of a track, fol­lowed by the even harder EBM songs 'Männermusik' and 'Synchronizing Bodies'.

Beside these super­i­or songs I strongly recom­mend the ger­man songs 'An Alle Krieger!' and 'U‑Boot Krieg In Ost-Berlin'. Especially the last one is lyr­ic­ally so won­der­ful absurd without becom­ing ridiculous.

Achtung 80

The expec­ted time travel to the 80s doesn't work that per­fect as I expec­ted for the 'Achtung 80' part, but that's abso­lutely fine for me. The open­er 'Let's Get Higher' is more a mid 90s pop song with a slight Euro Disco influ­ence. I fell in love with the songs 'My Angel' and 'She's Triple 6'.

'The Fighter' is a spe­cial track on this CD. It could be eas­ily fit on the 'Propeller' part, because you can't ignore the rela­tion­ship to the EBM genre. But 'And One' mixed it with some clas­sic 80s synths sounds that sounds really cool.


Big con­grats and respect to 'And One'. You are still on it, and the best part is that you have me dis­ab­used. Because death pre­dicted live longer. All grief is for­got­ton and I will leave the 'Virgin' years behind. This is a true mag­num opus!

By the way, this album also made it into our art­icle ‘The best Synth Pop and genre-related albums 2014‘. Read now.

Track By Track Rating

And One – Magnet (Trilogie I)
Love Needs A Saving Hand
Zeit ohne Zeit
Love Is Always On Your Side
Unter mein­er Uniform
The Other Side
Love Me
Keiner fühlt's wie wir
Everybody Lies At Night
Fake Of Pleasure
Dead Love
Black Generation
Synchronizing Bodies
An alle Krieger!
Zwei Tote
Before I Go
U‑Boot-Krieg in Ost-Berlin
Up & Down
New Wave Mother
Let's Get Higher
My Angel
She's Triple 6
Somebody's Song
Bad Girl
The Fighter
Girls On Girls
Why Don't You Let Me Go
Love Trashing Girls
Your Pet Is A Ticking Bomb!
Zeit ohne Zeit
Love Is Always On Your Side
Black Generation
U‑Boot-Krieg in Ost-Berlin
New Wave Mother
Somebody's Song