The best Synth Pop and genre-related albums 2014

Best albums 2014

10. Harmjoy – Silver Lining Of The Mushroom Cloud – (3.42/5 stars)

harmjoy silver lining of the mushroom cloud

Harmjoy debut album is a good and con­sist­ent work. The songs as indi­vidu­al works are really good. Unfortunately, it is a lack the record of vari­ety. In any case, there's room for improvement.

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9. Faderhead – Atoms & Emptiness – (3.55/5 stars)

faderhead atoms and emptiness

Atoms & Emptiness is a cer­tainly good album. However, it fas­cin­ates me not so prop­erly. Stand Up and I Forget are in any case two super club songs. There are anoth­er 4 songs with a 4 star rat­ing, but the rest is rather average.

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8. William Control – The Neuromancer – (3,73/5 stars)

william control the neuromancer

Synthpop mixed with Darkwave, plus a splash of Rock'n'roll life­style that is William Control. The voice is dark and cha­ris­mat­ic. The songs are, with some excep­tions con­sist­ently great. To listen I recom­mend Revelator and God Is Dead.

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7. Client – Authority – (3.75/5 stars)

client authority

To review the new album Authority from Client is like a walk on the edge for me. Brilliant high­lights are the tracks Authority, You Can Dance and Refuge and on the oth­er hand there are these annoy­ing "skip" tracks like Design, XXX Action and as most the track Artificial. But 3 bad out of 12 songs doesn't make a bad album. I look pos­it­ively for­ward to the next Client album.

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6. Deine Lakaien – Crystal Palace – (3.8/5 stars)

deine lakaien crystal palace

The Indicator is now quite a few years back and Deine Lakaien presents Crystal Palace. Since the band has always stag­gers exper­i­mentel between syn­thpop and dark­wave, each new album is always a bit of a sur­prise. It's a well done album where there is not much to com­plain about. Farwell, Crystal Palace and Why The Stars are my favor­ite tracks on this album.

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5. And One – Magnet (Triologie I) – (3.83/5 stars)


I love And One since the early 90s. With the Virgin Superstar they has screwed it quite a long time with me. With Military Fashion Show and the EP Zerstörer they have some well done on the ground again. With the album Magnet (Triologie I) And One has found its old strength back and that's a good thing.

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4. Too Dead To Die – Murder On The Dance Floor – (3.92/5 stars)

too dead to die murder on the dance floor

On his debut album, Too Dead To Die has done everything right. The style of music is very excit­ing. It moves between Synthpop from the lyr­ic­al aspect, but these are accom­pan­ied with hard EBM and Dance beats. The first single Another Sin is def­in­itely a poten­tial club hit.

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3. Pre/Verse – Obstacles – (4/5 stars)

preserve obstacles

Rough EBM / Synthpop beats with fant­ast­ic sound­ing gui­tars that are Pre/Verse. I am extremely happy that I found by acci­dent con­cern­ing the music video Trace Of Water this great band. You should def­in­itely check it out! Only the open­er No Faith In My God and My Shadow Track Has A Gun are rather mediocre.

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2. Erasure – The Violet Flame – (4.3/5 stars)

erasure the violet flame

Erasure's The Violet Flame is almost a per­fect synth pop album. It's full packed of dreamy tunes, icon­ic pop hymns, it's simply an album made with a lot of pas­sion. My per­son­al high­lights are Elevation, Reason, Sacred and Paradise. My dear Andy Bell and Vince Clarke, thank you so much for this mas­ter­piece of music.

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1. Aesthetic Perfection – 'Til Death – (4.4/5 stars)best album 2014 aesthetic perfection

Daniel Graves blasts my brain as I listen the first time to 'Til Death. I liked the albums before, but this one sounds like a "best of" album. One dance­floor hit hunts the next. This was def­in­itely one of my favor­ite albums of 2014. I'm excited what comes next.

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