Faderhead – The World Of Faderhead

Faderhead The World of Faderhead


Two faces of Faderhead

‘The World Of Faderhead‘ – wow – what an epic title for an album. This album is filled with two types of songs. They are the typical ‘in your face’ club hits. On the other hand flatter quiet and slow songs your mind. Overall, I very like to listen to the album.

The first track is the ultimate club track ‘Fistful Of Fuck You‘ that explode on the dance floor like a beat bomb. ‘Join Us’ is a strong like a grenade song as well. Both songs will surly fill the club dance floors.

I felt really touched by the song ‘Inside Of Me‘. The general mood is somehow oppressive and serious, and don’t seem at all to be artificially placed. Furthermore I would like to recommend the song ‘Watching Over You (feat. Daniel Myer)’. A soulful and emotionally duet will be await you.

Track By Track Rating

Faderhead The World of Faderhead
Faderhead - The World Of Faderhead
Fistful Of Fuck You
Older Now
Join Us
Inside Of Me
Swedish Models And Cocaine
Not A Robot
Sick City
Nothing For Nothing
Watching Over You (feat. Daniel Myer)
I Got My Bass Back (feat. Shaolyn)
This Machine
Ballad Of The Weak
Fistful Of Fuck You
Join Us
This Machine