IAMX – Volatile Times

iamx   volatile times


Avantgarde of extraordinary electronic music

Chris Corner is an extraordinary gentlemen, so as his music as well. ‘IAMX‘ isn’t music for easy listening. You really have to be a fan of electronic music with some experimental and unusual factors.

It also needs some time to get into this uncommon and unique sound of ‘IAMX’. But once you’re in, you won’t miss it anymore.

Find the secret entrance

Although the album has received just a scoring in the upper middle class area, here are 3 precious pearls to be found. The tracks ‘Volatile Times‘, ‘Ghosts Of Utopia‘ and ‘Cold Red Light’ are simply outstanding. In addition, three more 4-star ratings are on the record. You should give it a try if you like extraordinary electronic music.

Track By Track Rating

iamx   volatile times
IAMX - Volatile Times
I Salute You Christopher
Music People
Volatile Times
Fire And Whispers
Dance With Me
Ghosts Of Utopia
Commanded By Voices
Into Asylum
Cold Red Light
Oh Beautiful Town
Volatile Times
Ghosts Of Utopia
Dance With Me