Me The Tiger – What Is Beautiful Never Dies

Me The Tiger - What Is Beautiful Never Dies

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Release: August 18th, 2017
Label: Repo Records
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When love is the answer

Finally the thrid full-lenght album 'What Is Beautiful Never Dies' by 'Me The Tiger' is fin­ished. The first single 'Hollow' which was also released as 'Hollow EP' was more then prom­ising. Thematically sim­il­ar it's like the cur­rent Erasure album 'World Be Gone' to cur­rent world affairs. And how to con­front all this mad­ness with a pos­it­ive atti­tude and lots of love.

No time for sleep

The open­ing song 'I Thought Sleep Would Do It' is emo­tion­al and dynam­ic. While the verses are almost bal­ad­ic, 'Me The Tiger' turn up the volume and power fully in the chor­us. Acoustic the num­ber is fant­ast­ic and var­iedly com­posed. I espe­cially like the melody, which sounds like it was played with a mouth­pi­ano for children.

The next track is called 'Saknaden' which is Swedish and means 'Missing'. But don't worry, only parts of the chor­us and the full bridge is sung in Swedish. So if you don't speak Swedish, you still will under­stand enough of the lyr­ics. Here I would almost speak of a clas­sic, uptempo 'Me The Tiger' Electropop song. A radio-friendly song that finds its way dir­ectly into the ear to stay there.

Being sad in the most beautiful way

The first single 'Hollow' is a real gren­ade on the album and the energy level is here at 110%. That 'Hollow' is an import­ant song for 'Me The Tiger' is aud­ible from every note and every bass beat. But even if the ener­get­ic song invites you to dance, the lyr­ic­al back­ground is rather ser­i­ous and lies even in the area of mel­an­choly. The song describes quite exactly the feel­ing of faint that we all feel in a world that evolves into a dysto­pi­an future.

A mov­ing bal­lad with lots of depth awaits you at the fourth num­ber 'Hiraeth'. I was emo­tion­ally moved and impressed. When you hear lines like 'But in my dreams I'm home', it doesn't leave you cold. The 'lump that sticks in the throat' is more of a feel­ing that could describe this song. A very gloomy song that will leave a trace.

Leaving gloom, entering doom

Me The Tiger - Press Photo by Ryan Garrison
Me The Tiger
Press Photo by Ryan Garrison

Is our future con­demned? Is man­kind doomed? Disturbing noises that ends in an acous­tic break­down intro­duces the next song. The track 'Meadow' has a touch of rock atti­tude that can be heard most clearly in the chor­us. Otherwise the song is a great Synth Pop song in the midtempo range.

With more rugged gui­tars and more energy-loaded sound, 'Of What I Am' starts. The first per-chor­us sounds heav­enly and offers the per­fect blend of dynam­ism and import­ance. It's almost as if the time for a few seconds stand­ing still. Just gor­geous! Despite e‑guitar sounds and ana­lo­gic­ally sound­ing drums, the song is packed with elec­tron­ic instru­ments, effects and samples.

No hollow phrases

'Kerosene' burns the hut at least lyr­ic­ally. A song to which the urgency against the white power move­ment and oth­er nation­al­ist bull­shit is poin­ted out. The tempo of 'Kerosene' is leis­urely indeed but extremely power­ful and the sound per­fectly sup­ports the intens­ity of Gabriella's tal­en­ted voice.

'This Is Not Me' rises like a rock­et loud and power­ful. This energy level is kept until the end, with the excep­tion of smal­ler bridges. Definitely a track that is suit­able for the dance floor at the club. Even after the tenth repe­ti­tion I don't under­stand the sample of the com­puter gen­er­ated voice. I there­fore ask for com­ple­tion of a nat­ive speak­er in the com­ments: 'If the world ends tom­morow, .… yes­ter­day'.

The accusation

With strings and epic sound­ing instru­ments the song 'Your Empire' is opened. As with an elegy, sad­ness soon spreads. To lyr­ic­ally emphas­ize con­tent, 'Me The Tiger' imple­ment expli­cit words in the text. Nevertheless, a very strong song that left impres­sion on me.

The title track 'What Is Beautiful' is bril­liant and actu­ally a pity to place this almost at the end of the album. The dynam­ic range, both music­al and vocal, is fant­ast­ic in this num­ber. The song offers the listen­er a wide range of vari­ety and is nev­er­the­less very catchy. The song is def­in­itely strong enough to be released as a single.

Great music never dies

'Me The Tiger' have estab­lished their own sound and per­fec­ted it on 'What Is Beautiful Never Dies'. With their third album, the trio from Sweden man­aged to put the bar up a bit high­er. I per­son­ally con­grat­u­late the band to this excel­lent album and recom­mend any Electro- and Synth Pop fan to buy this mag­ni­fi­cent work.

By the way, this album also made it into our art­icle ‘The best Synth Pop and genre-related albums 2017‘. Read now.

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Me The Tiger What Is Beautiful Never Dies
Me The Tiger – What Is Beautiful Never Dies
I Thought Sleep Would Do It
Of What I Am
This Is Not Me
Your Empire
What Is Beautiful
You Must Die (Fortress Europe)
I Thought Sleep Would Do It
What Is Beautiful
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