Solar Fake – Frontiers

solar fake   frontiers


Finally something new

The debut album of the Berlin-based band ‘Solar Fake‘ I have somehow missed. I became aware only with the music video ‘More Than This‘. The album ‘Frontiers’ moves in the upper middle class of the Futurepop genre.

In addition to the first single are particularly outstanding tracks ‘No Apologies’, and the cover song ‘Such A Shame’ orginally by ‘Talk Talk‘.

On some tracks you also can find Industrial influences, like in the songs ‘Parasites’ and ‘Until I’m Back’. Overall this is a very varied and gorgeous album and it gives me the feeling, to hear more of this fantastic band.

Track By Track Rating

solar fake   frontiers
Solar Fake - Frontiers
Under The Skies
Why Did I Raise The Fire
No Apologies
More Than This
Such A Shame (Talk Talk Cover)
Where Are You
The Rising Doubt
Pain Goes By
Until I'm Back
The Line Of Sight
More Than This
Such A Shame (Talk Talk Cover)
(Nothing to report here)