Dear Strange – Lonely Heroes


Congrats, what kind of debut

Dear Strange is for me one of the best newcomers in 2015. Especially when you like gloomy and electronic music, then you need listen to this band. The lyrics are very melancholy and profound, but also the same way so beautiful. I am very curious how the band developed in the coming years and hope continue such good outputs.

My favourite songs

The opener ‘The Unicorn‘ is a killer track in the darkwave scene. A song created with a deep goth feeling.

The lyrics from ‘Dystopia’ sounds super dark like from a horror movie theme. But the music on this track comes with nice light tune and sweeps on a romantic sound carpet.

The first thing I realized from ‘Dear Strange’ was the music video to ‘I Can See Through This‘. I fell in love by the first listening of this song. Such a wonderful bleak and melancholic song, sung by this lovely and remarkable voice. The label ‘Out Of Line‘ has landed with ‘Dear Strange’ a big hit.

Track By Track Rating

Dear Strange - Lonely Heroes
The Unicorn
Lonely Heroes
I Can See Through This
Strangers As We Are
Between The Sunsets
A Hand Full Of Nothing
Sweeter Than This
Minima Moralia
The Unicorn
I Can See Through This
Minima Moralia
Lovely gloomy

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