IAMX – The Unified Fields

Two steps forward and one step back

This album is definitely a big step back. After great predecessor ‘Volatile Times‘ I was already very excited about what ‘IAMX’ releases this time. From the previously published music video ‘I Come With Knives‘ I was and I am absolutely thrilled. Unfortunately my expectations were not confirmed by far, the first songs are among the strongest on the album.

At this place I would like to speculate a little. Maybe the artwork is already the hidden hint to the content. The most songs sounds like unfinished demo versions as an unborn child isn’t able to life outside yet.

Let’s focus on the good songs

Well if you get rid of the half of the tracks, this could be an awesome EP. If you also like the song ‘I Come With Knives’, then I could recommend you following tracks to listen without having a bad conscience. Beside the total blackouts, you should listen to the pearls ‘Sorrow’, ‘The Unified Field’, ‘Screams’, and ‘Walk With The Noise’.

Personally I’m a bit disappointed by this album even it includes some great songs. If you are an addicted ‘IAMX’ fan, then this album ‘The Unified Fields’ is a must-have. Everyone else have to decide themself if they want spend the full album price for 5 good songs.

Track By Track Rating

IAMX - The Unified Fields
I Come With Knives
The Unified Field
The Adrenalin Room
Quiet the Mind
Under Atomic Skies
Come Home
Animal Impulses
Walk With The Noise
Land of Broken Promises
I Come With Knives
Quiet the Mind
Come Home
Land of Broken Promises

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