The old spirit is back

Yes! ‘Pet Shop Boys’ has done everything correctly with this album. This is personal for me, one of the best ‘PSB’ album of recent years. Beautiful melodies and tunes, soulful and emotive lyrics and the feeling like to meet an old friend. Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe found their old spirit again that makes them a great Synth Pop duo.

A Synth Pop masterpiece

My favourite tracks on Yes are: ‘Love Etc.‘, ‘Beautiful People’, ‘Vulnerable’, and ‘Pandemonium’. But in general all tracks are great, there are almost no weak songs on it.

If you plan to buy this Synth Pop masterpiece, I recommend you to get the Special Edition of ‘Yes’. Beside the regular album, you’ll get a second CD with 3 additional ‘b-side’ tracks and 7 remix versions from songs of the ‘Yes’ album.

Track By Track Rating

Pet Shop Boys - Yes
Love Etc.
All Over The World
Beautiful People
Did You See Me Coming
More Than A Dream
Building A Wall
King Of Rome
The Way It Used To Be
Love Etc.
Beautiful People
(Nothing to report here)

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