Catchy tunes for the meantime

‘Quest For Love’ is a nice Synth Pop album for the meantime. The catchy melodies of ‘Paint My Heart Black’, ‘Walking Ghosts’ and ‘Promises And Broken Hearts’ halls through my mind, but the most of other songs just fade away too soon. The songs are good, but less memorizable.

Election mistake?

The official music video of the album is ‘Primärreiz‘ featuring Torben Wendt (Diorama). Maybe they choose this mediocre song as official video, because of the prominence of Torben Wendt. I love Torben’s voice, but personally I think that ‘Paint My Heart Black’ would be a much better choice for promotion.

Track By Track Rating

Slave Republic - Quest For Love
Paint My Heart Black
Walking Ghost
Fall Asleep
Lovers' Suicide
Promises and Broken Hearts
Lashes Kiss
Menage A Trois
Quest For Love
Paint My Heart Black (Tribute Horn Remix)
Primarreiz (Absolute Body Control Remix)
Promises and Broken Hearts (Tonkollegium Club Remix)
Paint My Heart Black
Walking Ghost
Quest For Love
Primarreiz (Absolute Body Control Remix)

Listen to ‘Paint My Heart Black’ here

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