A tribute of Industrial passion

An artist organized tribute to Nine Inch Nails. Thanks to the bands that joined and to Nine Inch Nails for the musical inspiration.

Limited to 200 download credits (Tribulations Bandcamp page) per month. If you miss out, grab the album through the Dropbox link on the Tribulations Facebook page below.

Credits: Organized and compiled by Chris Shortt, Mastered by Benji Bordelon, Cover Art by Chris Shortt, Additional assistance by Roland Zwaga.


  1. CorlyxReptile
  2. Killchild – Wish
  3. Subject Zero – Heresy
  4. Annodalleb – Hurt
  5. Construct – Right Where It Belongs
  6. Man Woman Machine – Into The Void
  7. W.O.R.M. – Love Is Not Enough
  8. Acidrodent – Big Man With A Gun
  9. Wayward Sun – The Becoming
  10. Visions In Black (ft Evan Mitchell) – Gave Up
  11. Numbered Men – Head Down (A Beautiful Nightmare Reinterpretation)
  12. Marc Lowe – Reptile
  13. Louis Guidone – The Becoming
  14. The Cryptids – Something I Can Never Have

Download ‘We’re In This ToGOTHer – A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails‘ here

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