14 awesome albums we’ve missed to review in 2019

14 awesome albums we’ve missed to review in 2019

2019 has passed us at the speed of light

2019 has been very productive for a lot of bands and a great year for lovers of electronic music. We from Electrozombies always strive to keep you updated on everything the electronic genre has to offer. Unfortunately, it has been such a crazy year for the whole Electrozombies team that we simply did not find the time to review even half of the albums released. That’s why we decided to mention at least all the albums we loved in 2019 but haven’t been able to write about.

We would like to use the occasion to thank all the bands for their music and are looking forward to new releases!

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Annika’s missed reviews

Tom’s missed reviews

We promise improvement in 2020

The new year might prove to be just as promising as the last one and has already kicked off with new releases by Eisfabrik and the Pet Shop Boys. We are looking forward to more awesome music in 2020!

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