Pluswelt Festival 2019 in Oberhausen – my favourite impressions

Pluswelt Festival 2019 Oberhausen Impressions

This year’s Halloween was special to Kulttempel, Oberhausen: Pluswelt Promotions hosted their 20th anniversary here in a very homely atmosphere. Over 3 evenings the past, present and future of the synth genre made us dance, sweat and sway to beloved classics and incredible new sounds. I took some of my favourite impressions home for you guys to have a chance to re-experience these great shows with me.

Agent Side Grinder



Empathy Test



Beborn Beton

Unfortunately, Aesthetic Perfection weren’t able to perform on the festival due to Daniel’s health issues – we hope, he’s well very soon and we all missed you guys very much!

Nonetheless, Pluswelt Festival was a great experience with great bands, lovely people and lots of fun! Thanks for having us, Pluswelt Promotions!