Age Of Temptation – Out Of The Blue

Age Of Temptation - Out Of The BlueWhat does a naive, young 'New Order' cov­er band sound like when they make their first ori­gin­al songs? Find out with the song 'Out Of The Blue' by the British band 'Age Of Temptation'. Of course, Age Of Temptation is not really a New Order cov­er band. At least not that I know of, but to cat­egor­ize it that's pretty much it.

So if you're a fan of good, neat British synth pop, you're in good hands here. Listen to it right now and leave a com­ment how much you can hear the young 'New Order' here. Among oth­er great bands also this track is part of our Spotify playl­ist ‘Synth Pop Newcomers 2021‘.

Listen to 'Age Of Temptation – Out Of The Blue' on Spotify

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