Girl As Wave – Superstition

Girl As Wave - SuperstitionGirl As Wave's latest release from the USA, "Superstition", shows that the artist con­tin­ues to explore her unique son­ic land­scape. This track, which is in the dark pop and elec­tro pop genre, is an excit­ing devel­op­ment in her music­al journey.

"Superstition" fol­lows on from the sound of her pre­vi­ous song "Blind Spots", but brings in some inter­est­ing ele­ments. One of the most notice­able dif­fer­ences is the use of gui­tars, which add a cer­tain depth to the track, but without over­whelm­ing the syn­thes­iser fan. The res­ult is a suc­cess­ful fusion of elec­tron­ic ele­ments and goth­ic gui­tars that give the song an iden­tity all its own.

The evol­u­tion of Girl As Wave's sound is unmis­tak­able in "Superstition", mark­ing a not­able dis­tance from her earli­er work from 2017–2018. In those days, her music was heav­ily influ­enced by the typ­ic­al traits of indie and alt-pop: slightly dreamy melod­ies and catchy gui­tar riffs. Songs that wouldn't have found favour with Electrozombies.

What sets this track apart from Girl As Wave's earli­er work is its sombre mood. "Superstition" delves deep­er into the shad­ows and cre­ates a mys­ter­i­ous atmo­sphere that is intriguing and cap­tiv­at­ing at the same time.

"Superstition" is part of the EP "Time Is Never Shy", and it is def­in­itely worth tak­ing a look at the com­plete work if you like this track. The EP prom­ises a multi-faceted exper­i­ence, with Girl As Wave demon­strat­ing her music­al ver­sat­il­ity. This song is part of our Spotify playl­ist ‘New Synth Pop Songs 2023‘. The playl­ist is updated con­tinu­ously. Follow this playl­ist now and don’t miss any of the latest synth pop hits in 2023.

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