Girl As Wave – Blind Spots

Girl As Wave takes us on a dark dance journey with "Blind Spot"

Girl As Wave - Blind SpotsA dark, dis­tor­ted intro creeps into the ears as "Blind Spot" by Girl As Wave begins its auda­cious jour­ney. A song that undoubtedly falls into the cat­egor­ies of dark wave, synth pop and dark pop unleashes an energy that is both stir­ring and mel­an­chol­ic. Behind the name Girl As Wave is the American duo Marci Elizabeth and Jimmy Deer, whose cre­ativ­ity blurs the bound­ar­ies of these genres. The song is taken from the EP 'Time Is Never Shy'.

The female vocals woven over the cool and indus­tri­al elec­tron­ic sound tapestry are inev­it­ably remin­is­cent of greats like 'Ladytron' and 'Chromatics'. This con­nec­tion between the del­ic­ate but power­ful voice and the gloomy elec­tron­ics gives 'Blind Spot' a fas­cin­at­ing intens­ity. The begin­nings of the song might seem a little over­whelm­ing at first listen, as a pleth­ora of ele­ments are present here sim­ul­tan­eously. But with patience, the song gradu­ally reveals its secrets.

One pos­sible point of improve­ment that enters into the cri­tique lies in the bal­ance of the sound­scape. The song could bene­fit from a pinch less 70s space age sur­face sounds and instead integ­rate a bit more crisp­ness and pre­ci­sion. But let's not dis­count that this is at a remark­ably high level of analysis.

"Blind Spot" is undoubtedly a track that cap­tures the dark beauty of elec­tron­ic music and com­bines it with dance­ab­il­ity. The com­plex­ity and delib­er­ately craf­ted atmo­sphere make it clear that Girl As Wave is mak­ing a strik­ing state­ment with this track. For lov­ers of dark wave and synth pop, this song is def­in­itely worth a closer look – or rather, a closer listen.

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