Bjartmar – Danger Zone

Bjartmar - Danger ZoneThe very calm song ‘Danger Zone’ is dark pop / electro pop track performed by the Iceland artist ‘Bjartmar’. The track ‘Danger Zone’ is part of the EP ‘Secondhand Dream’. ‘Bjartmar’ says about the coming EP ‘Secondhand Dream’ that it’s dark, has a retrowave style and comes with smooth yet powerful vocals. Further he told me: “[…] In short, if Stranger Things and Drive would have a pop baby, this would be it. Retro, dark and dreamy, but still packing a punch!”. Just listen to it to convice yourself.

Among other great bands also this track is part of our Spotify playlist ‘Synth Pop Newcomers 2021‘.

Listen to ‘Bjartmar – Danger Zone’ on Spotify