Breathes With Gills – Screens

Breathes With Gills - ScreensThe band 'Breathes with Gills' is the music­al vis­ion of Mike Miller, who pens the lyr­ics and provides the vocals. Under the expert pro­duc­tion and arrange­ment of Brian Hazard of 'Color Theory', the band offers a nos­tal­gic trip down memory lane with their synth pop and elec­tro pop tracks. The latest release 'Screens' is a sol­id offer­ing with a dis­tinct 80s vibe. Although it may not neces­sar­ily be a game-changer, the moody, intro­spect­ive lyr­ics and nos­tal­gic atmo­sphere are sure to res­on­ate with fans of the genre.

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