Deus Ex Lumina – Dark Days

Deus Ex Lumina - Dark DaysThe song 'Dark Days' by the German band 'Deus Ex Lumina' is a fant­ast­ic genre mix of 80s EBM and clas­sic dark wave.

I know exactly what you're think­ing. How can this work? After the first listen, very well in my opin­ion. The basic mood of the instru­ments and the beau­ti­ful dark vocals vir­tu­ally shape the song to find its des­tiny on the dark wave dance floors. The beat and the speed are actu­ally more anchored in the EBM realm. I don't know if the song is a sim­il­ar insider tip like 'Dark Allies' from 'Light Asylum', but the song has the poten­tial to be.

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Lyrics of 'Deus Ex Lumina – Dark Days'

I'm Coming down
Trying to find my pace
Wrestling with my head
In these days dark days dark days

I'm Falling down
Moving up again
Losing my defence
In these days dark days dark days

Deus Ex Lumina about 'Dark Days'

Dark Days is about those days when we feel com­pletely lost, with no clear goal or dir­ec­tion. Those days where our feel­ings are upside down and that would be impossible to tol­er­ate without our loy­al com­pan­ion and best ther­ap­ist, music.

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