Franck Choppin – No Escape (Feat. Emphavoice)


Franck Choppin - No Escape (Feat. Emphavoice)

Synth pop with obvious influences from the 80s

The song 'No Escape (Feat. Emphavoice)' by Frenchman Franck Choppin is already two years old, but still a recom­mend­a­tion for all synth pop / italo disco fans. The ton­al­ity of the first two lyr­ic lines reminds me dir­ectly of Depeche Mode's 'Little 15' lyr­ics: "The world out­side, You're not part of it yet". Also some synth effects are very inspired by 'Behind The Wheel' and oth­er clas­sics from the 'Music For The Masses' album. So far we can say that this guy has good taste in music.

The bass­line is beau­ti­fully crisp and one tends to swing or slow dance, as the song is more in the mid tempo range. The sing­er 'Emphavoice' fits won­der­fully with the clas­sic ana­logue syn­thes­izer sounds, because des­pite all the elec­tron­ics, the typ­ic­al 80s son­ic warmth is cre­ated here.

The technical side of 'No Escape'

Franck Choppin tells me: "This song was pro­duced with two vin­tage instru­ments only: Roland Juno-106 ana­log syn­thes­izer (1984) and Roland TR-707 digit­al rhythm machine (1985).". This is inform­a­tion that should cer­tainly be of interest to oth­er musi­cians. I wish I could get this inform­a­tion from musi­cians more often so that I could pass it on accordingly.

If you look at the pre­vi­ous releases of 'Franck Choppin' on Spotify, you will quickly notice that they are quite lim­ited. However, the few songs that can be heard are all char­ac­ter­ised by extremely good pro­duc­tion qual­ity. So if a long play­er from 'Franck Choppin' is planned at some point, I am sure that the fans will get their money's worth.

Listen to 'Franck Choppin – No Escape (Feat. Emphavoice)' on YouTube

Franck Choppin says about 'No Escape': "A dark Synth-pop track with an uncon­ven­tion­al minor chord pro­gres­sion Cm Bm Em Am. Talented sing­er Emphavoice provides the vocal part as on the pre­vi­ous song “Pain in My Heart”.".

Listen to 'Franck Choppin – No Escape (Feat. Emphavoice)' on Spotify

Lyrics of 'Franck Choppin – No Escape (Feat. Emphavoice)'

When you go out at night
You need to forget
When the city goes dark
Out comes the pain of regret
You walk alone
A storm in your head
There is no escape
From your soul suffering

So you go through the door
Of your favor­ite pub
Maybe this time you will
Find com­fort in this place
Sitting at the counter
Glass after glass
You feel a little stronger
You think your smile will last

For a few hours
Even if you feel better
It's just a fake light in the darkness
Before the next day crushes you
When the morn­ing comes you know
It's a new pun­ish­ment day
The dev­il didn't fade away
Definitely no escape

About 'Franck Choppin'

Franck Choppin (Photo 2022)
Franck Choppin (Photo 2022)

A nat­ive of the south­w­est of France, Franck Choppin is an elec­tron­ic music pro­du­cer with a wide range of influ­ences from the 80s. This ranges from pop, synth pop to Italo disco. He com­posed his first instru­ment­al track at the age of only 16 with a Roland D‑20 digit­al synthesizer.

Years later he star­ted his YouTube chan­nel, which became pop­u­lar with sev­er­al cov­ers of 80s clas­sics with many vin­tage syn­thes­izers and drum machines. His instru­ment­al cov­er of Gazebo's "I Like Chopin" has now reached more than 2 mil­lion views on YouTube.

In 2018, he released his Italo Disco song "Pain In My Heart", with which he tries to stay true to the music style of the 80s. The single is pop­u­lar with Italo Disco fans and even man­aged to be fea­tured in Telekom's online magazine Electronic Beats. His music­al style also extends to deep house and nu-disco, which he con­siders the leg­acy of 80s elec­tron­ic pop music.

Franck Choppin in good company

Pure Italo Disco, Vol​.​2Get 'No Escape' along oth­er great songs on the com­pil­a­tion 'Pure Italo Disco, Vol​.​2' released by Aztec Records. Beside this great synth pop song, Franck Choppin is also rep­res­en­ted with his new­er 80s pop style song "Don't Let Me Fall Again" on the excel­lently cur­ated collection.

If you have heard and like the song 'No Escape' and you like the music genres elec­tro, italo disco, elec­tro­pop, italo wave, 80s pop, syn­thwave and ret­rowave, then you should def­in­itely check out and sup­port this compilation.

Tracks on 'Pure Italo Disco, Vol​.​2'

  1. Midnight Silk – Beautiful Dream
  2. Otto One – My Game
  3. Thought Beings – Italo Nights
  4. Maxthor – She's Out Of This World
  5. Bunny X – Revolving Doors (Michael Glitterati Remix)
  6. 1984 – Picture of You
  7. Train To Spain – Make Up Your Mind
  8. Franck Choppin – No Escape
  9. Cortex Power – Summer Night City
  10. Carino Cat – Banda Di Baffi
  11. Peter Wilson feat. Sean Smith – One and One
  12. Digitalo – Skate
  13. Soulya ID – The Day You'll Get Somebody
  14. Thought Beings – Waiting
  15. Franck Choppin – Don't Let Me Fall Again
  16. Maxthor – Colony
  17. Francesca e Luigi – You Will Never Find Me
  18. 1984 – Burning With Desire
  19. Italove – The Mirror (Janousek & Milo Blue Remix)
  20. Otto One & Soulya ID – Impulse
  21. ASTRAAD – Götrad
  22. Tiger Club feat. Stefano Brignoli – The Last Dance (Instrumental)

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