Maxthor – She's Out Of This World

Maxthor - She's Out Of This World"She's Out Of This World" is anoth­er great syn­thwave song by the Spanish band 'Maxthor'. Synthwave was some­what neg­lected here for a long time. This was mainly due to two things. Firstly, most syn­thwave songs are instru­ment­al and thus gen­er­ally out for us. The second reas­on was the uni­form­ity. They all soun­ded the same and tried to copy the 80s vibes and typ­ic­al sound.

Lately, more and more lyr­ics have been added and the 80s touch is still there, but the well-known syn­thwave bands have clearly developed fur­ther and trans­port the nos­tal­gic feel­ing skil­fully into the present. This is also the case with the band 'Maxthor' from Madrid. Thank you for this great song.

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She dwells in the dark
Her whis­pers tear my soul
No one knows her name
Her heart is fierce and cold
I gave all I had
but she still asks for more
Now I feel this thirst
I haven't felt before

Somewhere in the distance
I can hear her des­per­ate call
She will find me again no mat­ter where I go

She's out of this world
I guess I'll nev­er know, nev­er know

Every time she leaves
I feel I'm dead inside
I for­get she's here
lurk­ing around the night
I will nev­er know
the secret that she hides
I lose all control
When she looks in my eyes

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