Kit Kido – Moonbeam

Kit Kido - MoonbeamThe song 'Moonbeam' by the Greek band 'Kit Kido' must be a love mes­sage to the early works of 'Björk'. Because Kit Kido's song can be placed exactly in this universe.

I have to admit at this point that after hear­ing the song for the first time I didn't want to pick it up. But the song didn't make me skip or quit com­pletely. It was only after the third listen that I was com­pletely con­vinced and even on fire. It's not just a quiet bal­lad as it seems at first. The song is very multi-layered and hides little syn­thes­izer sur­prises and sweet melod­ies. You just have to get involved in this treas­ure hunt in 'Moonbeam'. If you do, you will be rewar­ded with a fant­ast­ic listen­ing pleasure.

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