Malibu Hot Flush – Make It Matter

Malibu Hot Flush - Make It MatterThe song 'Make it Matter' by the British band 'Malibu Hot Flush' begins with a relaxed beat. It is dif­fi­cult to say to what extent the first impres­sion is influ­enced by the band's name. However, while listen­ing I couldn't help but asso­ci­ate it with the album 'Back To The Roots' from 2018 by 'Northern Lite'. At least this is a fit­ting track for a goth sum­mer party with cock­tails. BTW: Great cov­er artwork!

The com­pre­hens­ive piano and the soft synths wrap the song in a dreamy sound­scape in which you can eas­ily and quickly sink. The full and ana­logue sound­ing organs have this 70s touch, sim­il­ar to the sound uni­verse of a 'Ladytron' song. The warm and sooth­ing vocals fit per­fectly into the mix of the song and the concept itself. The song 'Make It Matter' is almost flaw­less as a debut song and an abso­lute recom­mend­a­tion for any­one who prefers some­what calmer tunes.

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Lyrics of 'Malibu Hot Flush – Make It Matter'

It doesn't mat­ter to me
we go as fast as we can be
Try con­vince yourself
you don't pull the strings on me
We only let it go
Unless you wanna know

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