Order Of The Fallen – Empires (2022)

Order Of The Fallen - ConvergeWith the remastered ver­sion 'Empires' (ori­gin­al release 2020), the band 'Order Of The Fallen' has done a lot right. For one thing, the intro was shortened by about 30 seconds and the sound was also reworked. It feels like you're in the song faster and with the decreas­ing atten­tion span in almost all gen­er­a­tions, that was a good decision.

My only cri­ti­cism is the very flat mas­ter­ing. The volume levels are pretty much all at the same level. Of course, this is to the det­ri­ment of the dynam­ics in the song. Overall, how­ever, the song is extremely worth listen­ing to and (unfor­tu­nately) a lyr­ic­al ever­green and more import­ant than ever.

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