Before After Again – Decay

Before After Again – DecayIn the world of synth pop, "Before After Again" refreshes the genre with their ener­get­ic yet mel­an­chol­ic track "Decay". With one foot firmly planted in the 90s, this song will make the hearts of all fans of bands like "Camouflage" or "Mesh" beat faster.

"Decay" cap­tiv­ates with its brisk beat and an unmis­tak­able 90s vibe that man­ages to both con­quer the dance floor and appeal to deep­er, emo­tion­al lay­ers. The influ­ences of clas­sic synth pop are unmis­tak­able, but "Before After Again" adds its own fla­vour. A touch of elec­tro rock gives the song an addi­tion­al fla­vour and under­lines the band's music­al diversity.

The band, who already caused a bit of a sen­sa­tion with their dark bal­lad "Carousel" in January, show with "Decay" that they are more than just a flash in the pan. Their abil­ity to com­bine ener­get­ic beats with a notice­able mel­an­choly is remark­able. "Before After Again" proves to be a fant­ast­ic new dis­cov­ery in the black music scene of 2024. Their devel­op­ment prom­ises to remain excit­ing, and it is to be hoped that they will con­tin­ue to fol­low this unique music­al path.

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